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The 'Phantom' Talks Broadway & Life On And Off The Stage



Saw the Phantom of the Opera tonight! It was great, I really enjoyed it. I was amazed with all the things they could do with with the stage (I won’t spoil it for those who decide to watch it it future).

I will say that I didn’t like the bit they had at the end were the person playing the Phantom started talking about purchasing things to donate to charities. It really broke through the illusion that they created. I can see why they did it, but I think it could have been done better.

God I hate it when that happens, when actors drop character
because the show is over and ask you to donate to a cause that is more important than your goddamn precious illusion is. So unprofessional. I hope you didn’t donate a single cent because they didn’t cater to your needs.

Anonymous asked:

do you know the official date of Hugh's last performance in Phantom?

I just checked with him and my contact at the show.   So far, still nothing official.



Something else that really grinds my gears

Why does the broadway production insist in always posting videos and photos of the broadway phantom prosthetic make up?? Becouse if the london production did that or any other production saw that one of the actors was posting photos the management would be on the photo shouting and telling them off. I have known actors being told off for posting photos. I have been on a backstage tour of phantom and you was not even allowed to take a photo of the make up. So why is broadway allowed then? Does Hugh panaro have the authority? Or does the broadway production have no copyright on their make up with no licence?

Please someone explain becouse. What’s the point of having a show that is ment to be magical and amazing in broadway then to have all the secrets and details plastered all over their facebook page??

Not just my own thoughts but this question was raised by others too.


Because it’s just Broadway


And it’s just that silly Hugh Panaro


There’s NO WAY 


That a UK Phantom would EVER


Post pictures


Of the makeup


Especially not goofy ones


And especially not ones of


That top-secret new tour makeup



And it’s not like the full deformity on Michael Crawford photographed wasn’t published in George Perry’s book, The Complete Phantom of The Opera” back in the late 80s. Step-by-step. In color. Full page. And those photos were scanned and made their way around the internet long before Hugh Panaro was ever photgraphed in the make-up.

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