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Anonymous asked:

Is there video of Hugh Panaro as Raoul?


Not as far as I know, unless you count this one.

There is two audios I have of him as Raoul though 

Kevin Gray, Karen Culliver, Hugh Panaro, Jeff Keller, George Lee Andrews, Lelia Martin - January 2, 1991; Broadway


Mark Jacoby, Karen Culliver, Hugh Panaro, David Huneryager, Rick Hilsabeck, Patricia Hurd, Donn Cook, Leila Martin, Patricia Ward - October 28, 1991; Broadway

Newly remastered by artventures. Act 1 is soundboard, Act 2 good quality audience recording.


I’ve heard rumors on and off for years that a bootleg exists.  Nothing turned up and, if it does exists, chances are it’s not great quality.



This issue with Ramin reminded me of something when I first read it last night, but I was too tired to post.

Back during previews for the Walnut Street Theatre’s production of Les Miserables, there were a LOT of problems. Serious issues with the sound. Wig and wardrobe…

But the thing is, he didn’t mean to say it. It was an accident. Ramin said it twice in one night. I don’t think that was an accident….

And that’s exactly my point.  He said it accidentally and in a pretty understandable situation, but still regretted that it might have been overheard by an audience who paid to see the show, not to hear him cursing.

Ramin seems to be doing this simply because he feels like it.

This issue with Ramin reminded me of something when I first read it last night, but I was too tired to post.

Back during previews for the Walnut Street Theatre’s production of Les Miserables, there were a LOT of problems. Serious issues with the sound. Wig and wardrobe malfunctions. It was so bad that Hugh said he felt like walking away before it even opened. 

Anyhow, during one of those preview nights, there were multiple problems all at once during the Prologue. I wasn’t there, but the next morning I got an e-mail from Hugh.  With lots of exclamation points.  He said that when he ran off into the wings after the scene, he couldn’t see were he was going because his caveman wig wasn’t fitted correctly and had fallen over his eyes. He slammed into something hard and cursed out loud. He said he didn’t know if his mic was still on and he was genuinely sorry that the audience might have heard him swearing off stage. 

Even a week or so later, he brought it up at the opening night party. I kept telling him, “Relax…your mic probably wasn’t on…I know people who saw the show that night…no one mentioned it.” He was still concerned and still apologizing…just in case.

(And this is the same guy who, on closing night, mooned his castmates with 24601 stenciled on his butt.  Now THAT is true professionalism.)



So at the matinee yesterday, during the Prologue, when Javert was giving Valjean the yellow ticket of leave and stuff, Ramin threw a very audible “go fuck yourself” at Will.

And then during the evening show, when Valjean was lying on the ground, and the bishop approached and touched his shoulder, he flinched and, again, there was a very audible, “FUCK.”

I love this show.

wow, such professionalism. what integrity he has. what a role model for younger audience members.

Simply inappropriate and unprofessional.  I was trying to decide whether I wanted to see the show with him or his understudy and this made up my mind. 

I’m not anti-swearing.  I swear.  I’ve spent six years living with a guy who swears more in a single day than most people could in a very long lifetime and even he knows there are times or places when it just is not appropriate. 

An ad-lib when someone forgets a line and fudges something to make up for it or where a script calls for some sort of improve is one thing.  I’ll give a person a pass if there’s a painful mishap and they react.  Stuff happens.  No big deal.

This sort of ad-lib is a different story.  Especially when you are paid to perform the role in front of hundreds of people of various ages and sensibilities who aren’t there to see rude ad-libs. 

Besides, if the creative team had wanted that sort of thing in the show, there are plenty of scenes where it could have been written into the script (the whores, Thenardier and his gang, etc.).   It wasn’t. 


Anonymous asked:

In the spirit of diplomacy, I have to wonder if they moved the 11,000 performance celebration so that all of the PRINCIPLE cast members were present?? I feel like the same thing would have happened for any show that celebrated a mile stone when an understudy was on. I could be wrong, but I don't want to jump to conclusions that it's ALL about Sierra.


First, Mary Michael Patterson is not an understudy, but an alternate. She has two scheduled performances a week. She is one of the main cast members. 

Second, I’m a fan of diplomacy. And I definitely assume they celebrated because all principals were on. But in this case it seems to be a lot about Sierra and very little about logic. Main reason: “Phantom of the Opera” has celebrated rather prestigious milestones in the past with alternates and/or understudies on: 

*When the Broadway production officially celebrated that it was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records in September 2012, it was Marni Raab (the alternate at the time) they photographed along with Hugh Panaro and Kyle Barisich. 

*When the West End production celebrated its 10.000th performance in October 2010, with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Crawford present, u/s Stephen John Davies played the Phantom. Because of illness, but still. They could have moved the event if it was vital for them to have then principal Scott Davies on. 

*In 2004, when the Broadway production celebrated its 7,000th performance, alternate Christine Julie Hanson was on, along with principals Hugh Panaro and John Cudia. 

*When the Broadway production celebrated its 21th anniversary in January 2009, the role of Christine was played by alternate Elizabeth Loyacano, along with principals Howard McGillin and Tim Martin Gleason. 

I agree with you as far as them wanting to celebrate when the principals was on (despite tradition). But I think the REASON why they wanted to celebrate with the principals is that Sierra Boggess is one of the principals. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I adore Sierra Boggess, don’t get me wrong. And they didn’t say in either of the updates that it WAS the 11,000 performance, just that they celebrated it that night. But I’m fairly sure they knew readers would perceive it as the cake being rolled in right after the 11,000th performance, with the cast depicted. The photos will forever be labeled as “from the 11,000th performance”, not “from the CELEBRATION of” said performance. 

In short, Mary Michael Patterson performed the 11,000th performance on Broadway, but is not credited for it anywhere - very unlike previous tradition of celebrating the event the same night no matter the cast, crediting the actual cast that performed. 

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