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Anonymous asked:

Do you know when we can expect the Kevin Gray memorial CD?


I haven’t heard a word about it since that video clip of Hugh singing AIAOY was released. I’d imagine they’re doing it as quickly as possible.

There were a few more studio sessions in recent weeks (including recording “He Lives In You” and “Bui Doi.”)  Still no word on when it’ll be finished and released, though.

O.K., since someone involved in the project mentioned it on Facebook, I suppose I should at least mention it here.  Hugh will have an album coming out.  I’ve known the essentials for a bit, but I can’t say anything more and I’m still waiting on a few more details from everyone involved.



gloves are off now (x)

Oh, but I agree. They’re trying to start all these concepts - WordlessWednesday, lyric quote weeks, Phan of the Week, PhanArt Day and whatnot. They’re DESPERATE to come up with a concept appealing to the “phans”, like the other musical sites has managed to. Now everyone is apparently supposed to take a selfie with what I can only assume is meant to be a finger mask. Oy vey. 

What they fail to do is to bring actual news. The so-called “international” Facebook site has lately written about Sierra Boggess, the US tour, and PhanArt. Not ONE word on the West End cast change, or the preparations for the Moscow production opening in a month, or the current Hamburg production soon celebrating 1 year, or the World Tour opening in Taipei in a few days, or the Sapporo production with their awesome backstage events, or the rehearsals for the Estonian non-replica production, or the many press photos released from the upcoming Czech non-replica production. 

Where do I go for news? Tumblr. 
Where do I not go for news? The official web site and ditto social media. 

It’s moronic. Stop the desperate concepts, and bring actual news. When the sites has established themselves as the place for the latest news, the newest photos and the coolest insights, well, THAT would be the time to introduce all the fun concepts. Right now I can’t take them seriously, and I’ve stopped following them on Facebook. ME. A major “phan”. 


"I think Sierra has just bought Phantom several more years at the Majestic theatre"

yeah ‘cause damn it was sure struggling for those first 25 years without her

What a lovely way to devalue the efforts of EVERYONE who has contributed to the show’s incredible success for over a quarter of a century now.

They might as well claim that the show was written for her in the first place.

  • Track Name

    Eurydice Meets Hermes

  • Artist

    Hugh Panaro & Louise Cloutier


Eurydice Meets Hermes - Hugh Panaro & Louise Cloutier

This is from a jazz opera which retells the Orpheus/Eurydice myth in the Depression-era Deep South.  It’s a strange piece, full of railroad imagery.  I’ve never heard the full work, but some of the other tracks such as Eurydice’s funeral and journey across the rivers of the Underworld are terribly eerie.

This is the oldest studio recording I’ve come across of Hugh (as Hermes)…from 1988/9. I stumbled across this on CD a few years ago by accident (his name was spelled wrong on the insert) and was pretty surprised when I played it.

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